The encouragement of learning

The encouragement of learning


Maurice was a Zionist who loved Israel and the Jewish people. For him, it was a priority to build religious institutions and promote Jewish education.

Maurice had particularly close ties with four yeshivot (religious learning institutions) within Israel. To Mercaz HaRav, he donated funds for the establishment of a new Torah Centre, Yad Wohl, and at Yeshivat Beth Abraham Slonim, he funded the building of the Wohl Torah Centre Complex. After the Six Day War, he helped with the building of Yeshivat Hakotel in the Old City opposite the Western Wall and later, he funded the Wohl Archaeological Museum, where artefacts excavated during building work are on display.

Maurice and Vivienne also gave an annual grant to Yeshivat Ohel Torah. After Maurice’s death, a legacy project enabled Ohel Torah to move to a new building in order to expand its work.

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