Maurice and Vivienne Wohl Campus, Jewish Care


The Wohl Legacy singles out areas of focus and then seeks to encourage positive change by identifying organisations in the field that have a proven track record, excellent leadership, strong governance and, at the very least, a plan towards sustainability. Before any grant is agreed we carry out a strong due diligence process that includes financial and organisational assessments.

Prior to grants being considered by the trustees, we meet with key representatives of the organisation, often over an extended period of time, to ensure that the organisation and proposed project or programme meet certain criteria:

  • The project falls within the established priorities of Wohl philanthropy
  • The organisation is a registered UK charity or recognised not-for-profit outside the UK
  • The programme will make a key difference in its field, creating or building on a robust model of activity
  • The project is tightly aligned with the vision and mission of the organisation
  • There is proof of visionary leadership that can deliver the project
  • There is clear proof of strong financial stewardship and of a sustainable organisation or a plan towards sustainability and, where appropriate, a robust business plan
  • There is clear proof of strong organisational governance, clear objectives and transparent operations

We challenge our grantees to set themselves stretch targets and to report back on these. Occasionally we will insist on external evaluation as part of our grant.

The Wohl Legacy does not accept unsolicited applications for funding. The Foundations have a full-time staff working with the trustees to identify suitable projects. The trustees operate on the basis of a policy of unanimous decision-making.