Our values and principles
Maurice and Vivienne at Moshav Tefahot, United Jewish Israel Appeal, 1981

Our values and principles

Maurice and Vivienne Wohl devoted a huge amount of time and energy to every cause that they funded and the trustees of the Foundations are resolved that their legacy will be preserved by supporting projects which align with their principles and values. Following Maurice Wohl’s death in 2007, the board has had to consider strategy for each of the Foundations in a changing world, whilst remaining true to his vision. With this in mind, the Wohl Legacy’s grantmaking decisions are guided by several key factors:

First and foremost, Maurice and Vivienne were Orthodox Jews. They strongly believed in formal Jewish education.

Maurice was a very successful commercial property investor and developer. Consequently, in their philanthropy, Maurice and Vivienne’s preference was always to be involved in a capital build because they felt it was more permanent. They were also careful to ensure buildings bearing the Wohl name were of the highest quality.

Medical science
Maurice and Vivienne firmly believed in the importance of cutting-edge research in saving lives. Taking their lead from medical professionals they trusted, they invested in pioneering projects which they hoped would have a universal impact on disease.

Maurice and Vivienne never forgot individuals. For all the public grants that were given and recorded, they took as much pleasure in anonymously helping those individuals who came to them in times of crisis, either financial or medical. The trustees remain true to that priority by funding organisations which support individuals in need.