The Trustees and staff of the Wohl Legacy mourn the passing of Howard Stanton z”l.

Wohl’s Chief Executive Officer, Kate Goldberg, pays tribute to Howard Stanton, a long time colleague and mentor.

My first meeting with Howard was as a young and naïve Campaign Director at UJIA, he was a seasoned board member. I think I was (rightly) terrified. From that moment on we developed a strong relationship, which flourished when he interviewed me for the Wohl post. Howard then became my mentor, my advocate and ultimately my friend, challenging me to be the best of myself; teaching me the power of asking ‘why?; to listen carefully to the answer; and to always know my rebid! Together we honed our judgement of organisations down to three basic principles: We sought organisations that had excellent leadership; strong governance and a plan towards sustainability.

These three pillars will continue to stand us in very good stead, I now look back with pride at our achievements, the fun we had getting there and knowing these principles and his legacy will be with us for many years to come.

Howard’s dedication and hard work for what he believed in, is a testament to the high esteem in which he will always be remembered, so many projects would not have got off the ground had it not been for his involvement.

His goal was to make a difference. Always with the philanthropic vision of Maurice and Vivienne Wohl in the front of his mind, he certainly achieved this.

We send Pat, Lara, David, Ilana, Sarah and his extended family, our deepest condolences.

May his memory be a blessing.

Sir Ian Gainsford, Howard Stanton z
Sir Ian Gainsford, Howard Stanton z"l, Kate Goldberg & Martin Paisner CBE

From the outset Howard Stanton understood the need and cared for the children. He leaves a legacy that will impact hundreds of young people with SEN for many years to come and we owe him a debt of gratitude and thanks.

Sarah Sultman, Ali Durban and all the families at Gesher School