What we do

The Wohl Legacy’s philanthropic vision reflects the principles, values and ethos of the late Maurice and Vivienne Wohl.

Our grants are made in the UK, Israel and Europe, across fields of interest to build, support and grow sustainable communities and organisations. Ultimately the goal is to enable people to thrive and develop, so that they can in turn contribute to their own community and society at large.

  • Pathways to Employment

    The Wohl Legacy supports organisations and projects that enable individuals to find opportunities to work and develop a career, in turn enabling them to grow, succeed and contribute to the wider community.

  • Jewish Education

    The Wohl Legacy funds high quality Jewish education and schools, with the aim of securing and strengthening Jewish communities across the UK and Europe.

  • Medical Advancement

    The Wohl Legacy is committed to funding infrastructure for cutting edge research and pioneering projects that have a universal impact on disease.

  • Care &

    The Wohl Legacy builds, supports and grows organisations that are critical to the delivery of high calibre care and welfare services.

  • Arts &

    Maurice and Vivienne shared a passion for art and culture. To mark the 50th anniversary, the Wohl Legacy awarded special grants for the promotion of cultural enrichment.

  • Jewish & Communal Life

    The Wohl Legacy funds communal projects and bodies which help to support and sustain Jewish life across the UK, Europe and Israel.