Israel 7th October – Emergency Response

The Wohl Legacy responded immediately to the Hamas terrorist attack on 7th October, in which over 1200 Israelis were killed, thousands wounded, and 199 kidnapped, of which more than 130 remain in captivity today.

Recognising the immediate needs and those developing over time, The Wohl Legacy reached out to organisations across Israel, supporting their efforts and continuing to issue funds and ongoing help, as the effects of the attack and the ensuing conflict continue to reverberate on a national scale.

Following over 100 days of war, 110,000 citizens remain displaced from the Gaza Envelope and Israel’s northern border, uprooted from their homes and evacuated to temporary housing solutions. Many of them now live far from their original homes and permanent workplaces, disrupting their lives and making employment certainty virtually impossible. Young people in particular have suffered – uprooted from their schools and lives, living in tight spaces with their families – and high numbers are school refusing and acting out.

360,000 reservists were called to duty (4% of the population), some have since been released, but many will serve until March, and beyond, with various social and economic repercussions.

Since the outbreak of war, civil society stepped in immediately to provide emergency care and disaster relief. The third sector continues to play a critical role in both coordinating and addressing arising needs, and leading efforts to address the many challenges facing Israeli society. NPO professionals have been working tirelessly throughout this time, addressing the emergency situation. This crisis has shown the strength and resilience of civil society and the third sector in Israel, and we commend Wohl Legacy’s many partners for their outstanding work during this time.

As Israeli society faces growing crises in mental health, youth-at-risk, and employment, and begins to address the long-term challenges of rehabilitation and re-building, leaders of the third sector are charged with a heavy burden, which they are shouldering with dedication and grace.

In order to support these efforts, the The Wohl Legacy trustees have made the following grants since 7th October:

Immediate Grants for Disaster Relief

Jewish Agency for Israel – Victims of Terror Fund
LEKET – Food supply for evacuees
Natal – Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center
Yad Sarah – Rehabilitation/Medical equipment and services
Shalva – Hosting Evacuees in the National Crisis Response Center
The Jaffa Institute – Evacuee Food supply and relief
Kesher – Support for families of special needs children during the crisis
Beit Issie Shapiro – Emergency services for disabled and able-bodied evacuees and core services

Mid-Term Emergency Strategy

As the war transitions to the next phase and Israel starts to look towards the longer term, The Wohl Legacy have been working with a range of existing grantees and some new partners to support their responses and developing needs in their fields.

Mental Health & Resilience

Bayit Le’ Kol yeled (BiLY) – Care for child victims of abuse, including specialist child trauma psychologists attending the children of Kibbutz Beeri
Israel Trauma Coalition/ Sdot Ha’Negev Resilience Center – relief for evacuees
Mosaica – Religion, Society and State – Conflict Management for Evacuees
Wohl Garage Campus – addition of a permanent shelter in the pre-preparatory arts school for young adults with mental health challenges
Wusta Tzega – Emergency Culturally-adapted Psychological Assistance for the Ethiopian Community


Aharai! – Informal education framework for youth evacuees and victims to ensure mental resilience
ELEM – Youth-at-risk/Mental health, to provide breathing spaces in evacuee hotels and schools
Quantum – Emergency Renovations for Expansion of Susan’s House Center in Eilat for local and evacuee youth at risk
The Public Forum – Welfare assistance for children and youth at risk in out-of-home placements
Yeladim – Emergency Response for Youth and Young Adults at Risk

Pathways to Self-Sufficiency

Be-Atzmi – Employment rehabilitation and support for evacuees
Haredi Coalition for Employment – Recruiting Haredim to the job market as part of the national effort
Yozmot Atid – Support for Female Owned Micro Businesses impacted by the crisis

Wohl Israel 7th Oct Emergency Response
"This crisis has shown the strength and resilience of civil society and the third sector in Israel, and we commend Wohl Legacy’s many partners for their outstanding work during this time."