Wohl Legacy Ukraine War Emergency Response

Responding to a humanitarian crisis such as the war in Ukraine calls for a global effort.

Wohl Legacy turned to its grantees who are experts in the field, World Jewish Relief and Tikva, providing funding for their programmes to bring aid and refuge to thousands of people affected by the war.

World Jewish Relief’s 30-year history in Ukraine and its extensive network of local partners means the charity has unparalleled access and capability to respond to evolving needs.

Wohl is supporting their work delivering humanitarian assistance in 215 towns and cities across Ukraine, helping over 188,000 individuals with medical aid, food packages, psychological and employment support. They have also reached more than 16,000 refugees in Moldova and Poland and 300 Ukrainians arriving in the UK, helping with language, employment and rebuilding their lives.

Tikva’s core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Ukraine and neighbouring regions of the former Soviet Union.

To date the charity has evacuated well over 3,000 people from Ukraine with the number rising daily although it is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Tikva teams are working round the clock to bring every person who can leave, to safety, while supporting those who cannot with daily hot meals, emergency supplies and medication.

A community of nearly 1,000 evacuees, over half of them children are being cared for by Tikva in Neptun, Romania. Aside from food, lodging and clothing, Tikva is providing employment, retraining and adult education, psychological help and advice. However, with the current situation and living conditions in Neptun not sustainable in the long-term, the charity is working to find a new home for the community in Bucharest.

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The Wohl Legacy are proud to be supporting the work of World Jewish Relief's humanitarian efforts in the Ukraine and Tikva who care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish Ukrainian children