ORT JUMP Employability Skills Programme – UK

For school-leavers and graduates, trying to enter the world of work is a different experience than it was for previous generations.

According to a recent report from Ernst & Young, 60% of jobs require skills that only 20% of the population have. Furthermore, a World Economic Forum report states that 65% of children entering primary school now will work in new types of jobs that currently don’t exist.

Digital technology is advancing at such a pace that much of the guidance available within schools is quickly becoming obsolete. In an evolving world, underpinned by rapid change in the jobs market, the need to develop employability skills is greater than ever.

With this in mind, ORT UK launched the ORT JUMP Employability Skills programme, with the backing of the Wohl Legacy. This builds on the success and impact of ORT UK’s flagship programme, ORT JUMP, which for the last 14 years has been pairing year 12 students in seven Jewish and several local secondary schools, with mentors in a field of work which interests them.

The new initiative offers an additional set of programmes centred around the employability skills that are required in today’s workplace.

Harnessing the experience, connections and reputation ORT UK already holds in the community, across hundreds of businesses and within local and Jewish secondary schools, the charity was perfectly positioned to expand its existing ORT JUMP programme to help ensure that young people in the community gain experience and make informed choices about their next steps.

The ORT JUMP Employability Skills programme is empowering more young people to participate in a greater variety of opportunities, achieving a deeper and long-lasting positive impact on employment.

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The Wohl Legacy supports the ORT UK Jump Programmes, providing essential guidance to our young people, helping them to with their future employment and ultimately social mobility